Baron Jean-Louis Alibert (1768-1837)

Founder of the French School of Dermatology

Alibert was born in Villefranche de Rouergue (South West France). Graduated in the Paris school of Medicine (refounded in 1794), then appointed as head of a medical department in Saint-Louis hospital in 1801 (called hospice du Nord according to the revolutionnary vocabulary), Alibert specialized his activities in dermatology.

Alibert's lectures, in open air during the sunny days under the lime trees in the yard of Saint-Louis hospital, became very famous and fashionable. He described several dermatoses including the princeps observation of mycosis fongoides. Alibert was the author of many textbooks and in-folios superbly illustrated by colour engravings.

Alibert proposed to classify the cutaneous diseases according the method previously created by the botanists notably Bernard de Jussieu and his best known classification took the appearance of the famous "Tree of dermatoses".

At the end of his carreer, Alibert became the personal physician of the kings Louis XVIII and Charles X and was ennobled as a baron.