Jules Baretta (1833-1923)

As he was was looking for an artist capable to mould skin diseases in Saint-Louis hospital, Lailler "discovered" in 1863 Baretta, a gifted craftsman producing artifical fruits in a small parisian street (Passage Jouffroy).

He was offered by Lailler to work in Saint-Louis and made his first dermatological moulage in 1867 (lupus erythematosus).

Appointed as the caretaker of the Museum in Saint-Louis Hospital, Baretta made more than 2000 wax moulages of skin diseases which a marvelous technique he always kept as a professionnal secret.

The international congress attendees of the 1889 meeting expressed their admiration for the artistic quality and vividity of Baretta's moulages. After returning in their countries some congressmen decided to set such a collection in their own departments.

In 1889, Jules Baretta who had so much contributed to the prestige of french dermatology was honored by the Legion of Honour.