Alphée Cazenave (1795-1877)

Interne des Hôpitaux de Paris in 1823, Cazenave was the favourite pupil of Laurent Biett who introduced in France the diagnostic method of the cutaneous diseases developped by Willan and Bateman in England. Based upon the elementary lesions, this method that improved the ability of the physicians to make clinical diagnosis in dermatology was published by Cazenave in 1828.

Prefering to classify the cutaneous diseases according to a so-called natural method, Alibert regarded the Willan-Biett's classification as artificial.

From 1843 and 1852, Cazenave was the editor -and probably the only writer- of the first French journal of dermatology, the Annales des Maladies de la Peau et de la Syphilis.

Cazenave described the first case of lupus erythematosus in 1850 and of pemphigus foliaceus in 1844.