Henri Feulard (1858-1897)

Interne des H˘pitaux de Paris in 1881, graduated M.D. with a thesis on tinea capitis, Feulard became in 1886 assistant of Alfred Fournier, Professeur of Dermatology.

In 1886, Feulard and the heads of medical and surgical departments of Saint-Louis hospital, founded the first dermatological library of this hospital, now called Henri-Feulard library.

In 1890, Feulard was appointed as editor-in-chief of the Annales of Dermatology founded in 1868 by Doyon. Feulard set the wax moulages museum and catalogued the collection. In 1889, he was chosen as the Secretary of the first World Congress of dermatology organized in the Museum of Saint-Louis hospital.

Feulard tragically died in the burning of the Charity Bazar on mai 4th 1897.