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The Société Française d’Histoire de la Médecine (French Society of History of Medicine), has been founded in 1902. Its address is : 12, rue de l'École de médecine, 75006 Paris (France).

Its purposes are :

  • to study and promote the history of medicine and sciences which are attached to it;
  • to contribute to the safeguard and the conservation of the documents and testimonies of the past medical sciences.

It meets approximately eight times a year in Paris (on saturday afternoon) and organizes moreover an annual exit in another French town or in another country.

Its journal is Histoire des Sciences Médicales, with four issues each year.

English summaries and French texts are published in Histoire des Sciences Médicales, about one year after the papers have been delivered.

You will find above, the list of the lecture for the five past years :

Year 2010

January 16, 2010


Bernard HOERNI

The Journal de Médecine de Bordeaux, A By-gone medical Journal in regional Press



Les Annales Médicales de Nancy et de l'Est, in the History of Médical Press in Lorraine



Short Lived Periodics of Private Hygien in the Collections of Bibliothèque nationale de France



Short Lived Periodics of Public Hygien, in the Collections of Bibliothèque nationale de France

February 20, 2010



Child Psychoanalysis and Pedopsychiatry in Russia, from Lenin to our times


Pierre-Jean LINON

Military Physicians Proselytes for Antivariolic Vaccination at the beginnings of French occupation of Algeria


Claude ELBAZ

French Medicine in Algéria : Chronic of a Medical Practice from Live Experience

March 23, 2010


Caroline MONIER 

Management of the Patients in Hospital Saint-John of Jerusalem (XIIth and XIIIth centuries)



Researches upon the Anatomy of the Teeth, their Nature and Properties, the first book published in France on Dentistry, by the Surgeon Urbain Hémard, printed in Lyon in 1582 


Etienne BOUDAY

Jean Chièze (1898 -1976), engraver on wood and Illustrator in Medicine : A Look on his Works

April 17, 2010

Thematic Meeting under the direction of Pr Jacques BATTIN : Issenheim Altarpiece in Colmar and Saint Antony's HolyFire: Medecine and Pharmacy in Hospital of Saint Anthony's Brothers


Henri BLUM

Issenheim Altarpice and the controversial signature of Mathias Grünewald


Jacques BATTIN

Saint Antony's Holy Fire or gangrenous ergotism ? Mediéval iconography.


Michel FAURE

The Disease depicted on Issenheim Altarpice is really ergotism ?


Louis-Paul FISCHER

Medicinal Herbs from the Issenheim Altarpiece and mystical medieval Gardens



Pierre VAYRE

Saint Antony's Holy Fire in Limousin and the resorts to Saint Martial



Paris Hospital of Saint Anthony's Brothers



Jacques BATTIN

The Saints as Healing Mediators

May 28, 29 and 30
2010 SFHM Outside Meeting in Marseille

Louis-Armand HERAUT

Origin and Destiny of the First Pharo  Promotion (1907)



Stories of the Great Plague Epidemic in 1720 Marseille


Olivier DUTOUR

The works of Antoine Deidier and his experimental approach of the 1720 Plague epidemic in Marseille


André-Julien FABRE 

The Great Plague Epidemic of Marseille (1720) : confrontation to the other Plague Epidemics in Western Europe



From Hospital Caroline to Hospital Proust



Adrien Proust (1834-1903) and the Quarantines in Maseille


Jean-Jacques FERRANDIS

Anatomy Collections in Marseille during First World War as kept at the Musée du Service de santé des armées au Val-de-Grâce à Paris



Arthur Fallot and the "Blue Disease"


Henri RUF

Clot Bey (1793-1868), a Physician from Marseille in Egypt



Anencephaly in the publication of Riss and Pieri in the Marseille Médical (january 1902)



Marseille and Jacques Daviel (1693-1762)


Jean-Louis BLANC

Face Wounds in the First World War : the beginnings of Facial Reconstructive Surgery

June 19, 2010 (Internet retransmission)


Patrick BERCHE

Evolutions in the concept of infectious agents: from sarcoptic scabies to prions


Giorgio Zanchin

Story of a symptom: Historical and present aspects of osmophobia in migraines



Ringworm Children at Paris Hôpital Saint Louis


Catherine DECAURE
Pierre-Fleury CHAILLOT

Paleopathological Research in Paris Catacombes


Philippe ALBOU

History of Fever Therapy before Aspirin



History of surgical gloves

Year 2009

January 17, 2009
  Bernard HILLEMAND The inversion of the word "alcoholic" in French sociological language
  François CHAST Origins of the legislation of the narcotics in France
  Philippe CHARLIER
An official report of autopsy (Saint-Nectaire, 1765) : technical study and retrospective diagnosis
February 14, 2009
Annual General Assembly
  Claude CHASTEL Sixty years ago (1949), cell cultures allowed to easily obtain in vitro multiplication of poliomyelitis virus".
  Bernard VERHILLE Tinctorial Plants : Therapeutic use in Ancient times. The case of Isatis.
  Bernard GUILLEMAIN Death of Cleopatra : An analysis according to modern knowlege"
March 21, 2009
    Homage to Pr. Philippe VICHARD, member of SFHM Board, member of Académie nationales de médecine and Académie de chirurgie, deceased last July, by Dr. Jean-Louis RIBARDIÈRE, former General Secretary of Académie de chirurgie.
  João Bosco BOTELHO Tobacco, the Sacred and the Profane
  Alain SEGAL Ferdinand-Jean Darier (1856-1938), well-known dermatologist in the world
2009, April 25

Michel CAIRE

Philippe Pinel, Professeur à la Faculté de médecine de Paris and his secret remedies, some unpublished reports



Evolution of stethoscopes : from Laennec to Cammann


André-Julien FABRE

Portraits of physicians : Recovering the Past


Stéphane BARRY
Pascal EVEN

An heralded epidemics : the 1832 cholera epidemics in Sud West France. Examples in three departments : Charente Maritime, Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne

2009, May 16

Annual out session of the Société française d'Histoire de la Médecine, in Lyon

Frédéric CHAUVIN

Mural paintings from Jean Coquet at Hospital Desgenettes in Lyon



Some unpublished détails of the Ecole de santé militaire de Lyon



Jaboulay and the first surgical transplantations in Hôtel Dieu de Lyon


Nicolas MEROC

Tourvielle Readaptation Center during 1914-1918 War


Jacques VOINOT

History of syringes


Jean-Pierre H. NEIDHARDT

Trans perineal surgery of urinary bladder


Jacques TRONCY

"The red gold": From first transfusions to modern blood banks : an History of blood transfusions.



Henri Toussaint et Louis Pasteur



Joseph Rollet in the shadow of Ricord


Maurice VERGOS

Présentation of the Ecole du Service de santé militaire de Lyon



Jacques Gindrey : from Resistance in the maquis of Ain to Dien Bien Phu


Louis-Paul FISCHER

Professeur René Guillet and Résistance


André-Julien FABRE

Jean Reverzy, hero of Resistance and physician of Lyon

2009, June 13 (Internet retransmission)

Patrick BERCHE

History of Biological War



Contribution of Radiology in the field of paleopathology



Disability in Middle Ages and its artistic representation


Jean-Jacques FERRANDIS

Knowledge on Yellow fever prior to Pasteur : the importance of the report presented during Mexican War (1861-1867)

October 17, 2009



Ambroise Paré Landowner



The Rob Laffecteur : a unique example of antisyphilitic "secret remedy" in the Past



The Poor Man Pharamacopoea" of Professor Nicolas Jadelot, in Nancy in 1784-1785


Pierre VAYRE

Fortunes and Misfortunes of three Sugeons from Limousin from French Révolution to Second Empire : Léonard Cruveilhier (1760-1836), Bruno Giraud (1768-1811) and Léonard Boudrye (1769-1852)

November 20-21, 2009
Meeting on History of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology


François Legent

The Teaching of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology in Paris during XIXth Century


Philippe Charlier

Paléopathology of Chronic Rhinitis


Jean-Yves Maldent

Lariboisière, Bastion of French Laryngology during XIXth Century


Patrick Marandas

Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Cancers in History


Philippe Bordure

Prosper Menière and the Deaf Mutes


Ollivier Laccoureye

History of Laryngectomy through Centuries


Frédéric Chabolle

History of Ronchopathies


Albert Mudry

Birth of the Annales des maladies de l’oreille


Jacques Poirier

Docteur Félix Féréol (1825-1891), Discoverer of laryngeal ictus


André Fabre

Olfactive Feelings and Literature


Michel Germain

Microsurgical Transplantations in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology : reconstruction for a better Quality of Life


Michel Portmann

Scientific Works preliminary to the first Endolymphatic Sac Surgery of Georges Portmann in 1926


Claude-H. Chouard

History of Cochlear Implants


Guy Dupuy

Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard : Between Autism and Deaf Mutity


Didier Portmann

Emile Moure, Pioneer of Modern Oto-Rhino-Laryngology since 1980


Lucien Moatti

Image of the Deaf Mutes in History


Charles Dubois

Laennec and in his Lessons on Auditive/Phoniatric Diseases at the Collège de France


Philippe Albou

Therapy of hoarseness in XVIIth Century as reported in books of this time : Lazare Rivière and Nicolas Boileau


Louis-Paul Fischer and Henri André Martin

Otologist Painter and Christian Martin


Claude Renner

Illustrated History of Ear Trumpets

December 12, 2009



Édouard Brissaud (1852-1909), Historian of Medicine


Philippe RICOU

Édouard Brissaud, Favorite Sudent of Charcot



L’Assistance Publique during the Commune de Paris in 1871



Pieter Bleeker (1819-1878), Military Physician and Taxidermist from Netherlands Indias

Year 2008

January 19, 2008
  Michel CAIRE Jews admitted to mental hospitals under Vichy rule, in the Seine department
  Yves CHAPUIS 1791, a crucial year in the development of the surgery of the thyroid gland
  Claude RENNER About Philippe Ricord (1800-1889)
  Raoul STEMLÉ
Some characteristics of the surgical ward in the second half of the XXth century
February 16, 2008
SFHM General Assembly
  Alain SÉGAL Homage to The Pr. André Cornet, past president of the Society
    Communication on Medical Imagery
  Jean Claude LAMIELLE From Iconography to Imagery : " I remember..."
  André AURENGO History of Medical Imagery
  Claude LIGUORY Endoscopy of yesterday : what for tomorrow ?
  Alain SÉGAL Little conclusions for the moment
  March 29 , 2008  
  Jean-Paul CHIGOT Thyroïd and goiters among the ages
  Michel A. GERMAIN
Boucicaut Hospital, the story of a centennial
  Bruno BONNEMAIN Physicians as seen in advertisement documents from XXth century pharmaceutical industry
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy : an example of emergency "home surgery"
April 19, 2008
Presentation of 2007 SFHM Awards

Communications about Obstetrical practice

  Marie-France MOREL Embryonic lconography in XVIth to XVIIth century Treaties on Obstetrics and Anatomy
  Jacques GELlS Louise Bourgeois (1563-1636): A midwife between two worlds
  Sylvie ARNAUD-LESOT Modesty and Obstetrical practice in nineteenth century
  Francine DAUPHIN Come back for the autonomy of Midwives
  Anne-Laure LALLOUET Approach of Medieval Medicine on birth
May 16 to 18, 2008
Outside meeting has been held in Nantes under the patronage of : Société Française d'Histoire de la Médecine / Société d'Histoire de la médecine et des Hôpitaux de l'Ouest (CHU de Nantes) / Centre François Viète - Épistémologie, histoire des sciences et des techniques de Nantes
  Stéphane TIRARD Stephan Leduc (1853-1939), from medicine to synthetic biology
  Charles DUBOIS The Treaty of the diseases of the bones, by Guillaume Laennec
  Frédéric LE BLAY
A new translation by Rene Theophilus Laennec
  Jean-José BOUTARIC Elements of Laennec’s biography
  Joël BARREAU Ange Guépin, doctor and politician in Nantes in 1848
  Jacques HIDIER Looking at the mortality in a little town named Bouin, from 1908 to 1920
  François LEGENT Maurice Sourdille, famous and ignored otologist in Nantes
  Gaston BLANDIN Surprising treatment of ringworm (teigne) in Nantes hospital at the beginning of the 20th century
June 14, 2008
  François GOURSOLAS The Rev. Jean-Frédéric OBERLIN (1740-1826) and medicine : Scientific and human portrait
The death of King Henry IV - May 14, 1610 - analysis of the autopsy report of Jacques Guillemeau
  Pierre VAYRE Jean Baptiste Tyrbas of Chamberet (1779-1870), Medical Officer, actor and witness of his time
  Alain SÉGAL A strange certificate referring to the abolition of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris on November 21, 1822
October 18, 2008
  Jacques-Pierre CHEVALERAUD The Société Francophone d'Histoire de l'Ophtalmologie turns 32 years old
Roman "curiosities" of the Goncourt Brothers : collyrium and doll
  Jacques VOINOT The curious course of a gallo-roman oculist stamp
  Robert  HEITZ Leonardo's  D Manuscript  : "Dell'occhio
November 21 and 22, 2008
History of Bones and Joints Diseases Days, Hôpital Cochin, November 21-22, 2008
  Ph CHARLIER Some aspects of modern research in Paleopathology
  M KERBOUL History of Hip Prosthesis
  D GOUREVITCH Gout and the "Joie de vivre" of Émile Zola
  P BONNICHON Treatment of fractures at the times of Guy de Chauliac and Ambroise Pare
  B AMOR History of Ankylosing Spondylitis in Antiquity, Middle Ages and in our times
  C ROUX History of bone mineralization
The rise of skeletal imaging during 1914-1918 war

Osteo-articular diseases in comic books

  MF KAHN History of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  J MONET Birth of Kinesitherapy in France: 1900-1914
  A CHEVROT Some side aspects of bone imaging
  P DOURY General Pauzat and metatarsal stress Osteopériostitis
  F TREPARDOUX Osteo-articulary Thermalism : the example of Evaux
  Y DELOISON Skeleton and Bipedism


The Gout of Philip II of Spain



Surgical aspects of joints diseases in the Codex of Nicetas
  J MONESTIER "Intelligent" Prosthesis
  JC BEL History of femoral neck fractures treatment
  P THILLAUD Diagnosis of Rheumatological Diseases in Paleopathology
Orthopedics in Bordeaux during 20th century, before, under and after Louis Pouyanne


Sarcomas in Children : a long history

December 13, 2008

  Louis-Paul FISCHER François Gigot de Lapeyronie (1678-1747), restorer of the surgery
  Teunis Van HEININGEN The section of the pubic symphyse versus the section Caesarean: a controversy?
  Pierre-Jean LINON Why a construction schedule of permanent military hospitals in Algeria, before the end of the conquest 1843-1860
  Jean-Jacques FERRANDIS Michel Lévy, Director of the Military Medical School of the Val de Grâce between 1856 and 1872

Year 2007

January 20, 2007
  Maurice Petrover The classification of lesions according to Laennec: a critical re-reading
  Claude Renner The beginnings of medical electricity
  Fabrice Gzil A century after the discovery of the so-called Alzheimer’s disease
  Philippe Bonnichon
Irena Kaprincheva
A visit to the Museum of the History of Medicine in Varna (Bulgaria)
February 17, 2007
  Michel Suspène Francois-Joseph Double (1776-1842) and thoracic auscultation.
  Pierre Vayre
Bernard Hillemand
François Mêlier (1798-1866), from Limousin, a pioneer in Public Health and Epidemiology.
  Xavier Riaud The part of the American dentists during the Civil War (1861-1865).
March 17, 2007
  SFHM 2006 awards
Books awards
Pr Bernard Legras : " The professors of the faculty of medicine of Nancy, on 1872-2005"
  SFHM 2006 awards
Thesis awards
Anne Lécuyer : " George Stubbs, wildlife painter of the eighteenth century "
Aude Fauvel : " Insane witnesses and modern social and cultural, political Bastille, a history in France (1800-1914) "
  Lucien BRUMPT
Françoise ARDOIN
An epidemic typhoid fever in Christmas 1941 among the German troops in Paris
  Jean-Claude REY History of the treatment of the scoliosis
April 21, 2007
  Jacques CHEVALLIER The Main hospital of Lyons and - Big Pox
  Isabelle COQUILLARD From the Hotel of the Disabled persons in the imperial courtyard. Routes of Maloet father and sons, doctors regents of the Faculty of medicine of Paris in XVIIIth century
  Pierre THILLAUD Proposals for a new ostéo-archeological typography of Cribra Orbitalia
  André-Julien FABRE The Cancer in Antique : educations of Celse
May 11-13, 2007
  Transpyrenean History of Medicine Days - Hendaye - Bilbao (Basque Country)
  Pr. A. Erkoreka (Bilbao) Epidemics in Basque country: from black plague to avian influenza.
  Dr. F. Bauduer (Bayonne) Genetic anthropology of the Basque population.
  Dr. P.L. Thillaud (Paris) Dynasties and sanitary practices in Northern Basque country.
  Prof. J.R. Gurpegui (Pampelune)
Prof. A. Bouchet (Lyon)
Prof. F. Etxeberria (Saint-Sebastien)
Dr. Ph. Charlier (Paris)
Four communications on Teaching in History of medicine and diseases (Paleopathology) on each side of the Pyrenees
  Prof B. Hoerni (Bordeaux) Prof. Jean Bergonié and Spain
  Dr. P. Goïty (Lasse) Thermal and mineral springs in Labourd, Lower Navarre and Soule
  Dr. Fagoaga (Sare) Body Images in Basque Labourd popular speech (subjected to confirmation)
  Dr. Hurmic (Ispoure) Practical medico-surgical into Lower Navarre during second half XXth century (subjected to confirmation)
  Dr. A. Ségal (Reims) Glimpse on the works of P.S. Ségalas-Etchepare (1792-1875)
  Prof L.A. Heraut (Paris) The medical state of the internment camp of Miranda de Ebro (1943)
June 16, 2007
  Michel BÉNÉZECH Ups and downs of the cemetery for insane patients in Cadillac-sur-Garonne
  Henri NAHUM Corporatism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism in medical circles. The "Romanian privilege" 1930
  Michel GERMAIN et Pierre VAYRE Rene Leriche, a pioneer in modern surgery
  Jean-Jacques FERRANDIS The sanitary conditions of the French armies in Spain, during both 1809 and 1823 campaigns
October 27, 2007
  Meeting with the Groupement des écrivains médecins (Grouping of writers doctors)
  Jean-José BOUTARIC The Grouping of the writers doctors - GEM, presentation
  Éric MARTINI The wings of the book: history of medicine and edition
  Louis-Paul FISCHER Jean Reverzy and Jacques Chauviré, two writers doctors of Lyons of 1950s
  Maria LABEILLE Medicine and poem; price Clement Marot
  Franck SENNINGER Historical novel and literary creativity
November 17, 2007
  Joao BOSCO BOTELHO Goitre in art, particularly in Jean-Baptiste Debret’s water-colours in Rio
  Georges ANDROUTSOS and Aristide DIAMANTIS Aritotle’s urology
  Vicente GUARNER French influence on Mexican medicine in the XIXth century
  Teunis W. van HEININGEN Pierre Camper’s and Antoine Louis’ everlasting friendship
December 08, 2007
  A tribute to Laveran on the centennial anniversary of his Nobel prize in medicine
  Philippe VICHARD The Franche-Comté type hospitals, from French occupation to French revolution
  Pierre LABRUDE American military hospitals in France (1950-1967). Their past, their present, their  future
  Pierre VAYRE Raymond-François-Denis Pontier (1788-1855) : the adventurous life of a French  military doctor
  Xavier RIAUD Dr Albéric Pont (1870-1960), dentist and  physician, who created a center for  maxillofacial surgery in Lyons in 1914

Year 2006

January 21, 2006
  Alain Ségal, Jean-Claude Puisségur, Jacques Sarrazin, José Rémy and Alain Chevrot Tribute to Professor Guy Pallardy
  Georges Androutsos Theophilos Protospatharios, a Byzantine precursor in urology.
  Philippe Charlier A new case of facial paralysis on a Smyrniot terra-cotta (Hellenistic period). Icono-diagnosis and palaeopathology.
February 25, 2006
  Pierre Vichard The French hospital law of December 21, 1941: origins and consequences.
  Claude Chastel The centenary of the discovery of El Tor vibrio: the uncertain beginnings of the seventh choleric pandemic.
  François Legent Armand Trousseau as a laryngologist.
March 18, 2006. Meeting cancelled for political reasons.
April 22, 2006
  Claude Hamonet Exmelin, a surgeon among buccaneers: the reparation of corporal damages in the so-called "buccaneers Code".
  Philippe Bonnichon About liver and surgeons.
  Xavier Riaud Operation T4: the implication of German dentists in eugenic ideology and eugenics against the disabled patients.
  Roger Saban (in absentia) About the sinus of Breschet.
May 19-21, 2006 : Outside meeting at Besançon (Doubs) and Dôle (Jura)
  A. De Ridder History of the Saint-Jacques Hospital.
  Jean-Pierre Maurat, Henri-Michel Antoine and P. Magnin Five physicians and surgeons from Franche-Comté during the French revolution, the Empire and the Restoration.
  Marcel Guivarc’h East army and health services (December 1870 - January 1871).
  Yves Grosgogeat William Harvey, the discoverer of blood circulation.
  Aimé Richardt Molière and physicians. Has Molière been wrong?
  L-A Héraut Palmyr-Uldéric Cordier, a colonial physician from Franche-Comté and an ayurvedist, dead for France (1871-1915).
June 10, 2006
  Jean Hazard Claude Perrault, a famous architect, an unappreciated physician, a tireless researcher.
  Pierre Labrude Dr Garrus’ elixir: a pharmaceutical drug or a table liquor? an original formula or a counterfeit copy ?
  Miscellany in homage to Madame Danielle Gourevitch
  Ph. Charlier A young patient of Galen’s: a urinary lithiasis on a Roman little girl (Via della Serenissima, 2nd - 3rd Century A.D.).
  Marguerite Zimmer A Reference guide by Antoine Mattei, an obstetrician.
  F. Le Blay Early Roman Empire: two centuries of hypochondria?
  José Boutaric Dr Auenbrugger: a physician and a percussionist.
  Julien Wyplosz Pregnancy and childbirth in Mesopotamia.
October 16, 2006
  Jacques Battin Montesquieu, sciences and medicine in Europe.
  Jean-Jacques Ferrandis and Jean-Louis Plessis Théophile de Bordeu, a witty, eclectic and charming man.
  Pierre Vayre Gilbert Ballet (1853-1916) and a « reasonable » psychiatry.
  Michel Mazevet Edmond Locard (1877-1966), the promotor of the first French laboratory of scientific police and the « Crime Museum » in Lyons.
November 18, 2006
  Session with the Société française d’histoire de la pharmacie (French society for the history of pharmacy), chaired by Pr Gourevitch for the SFHM and Pr Lafont for the SHP
  Étienne Delaporte Bouchardat’s family context and provincial background.
  Bruno Bonnemain Bouchardat’s pharmacological formulary.
  Francis Trépardoux (a paper prepared with Alain Ségal) Bouchardat and hygiene.
  François Chast Bouchardat and diabetes in Paris Hôtel-Dieu.
  Pierre Delaveau (a paper prepared with Françoise Boucheron) Bouchardat, hygiene and rural life.
December 16, 2006
  Teun Van Heiningen Health conditions aboard Dutch East Indies Company ships in Capetown and Batavia between 1750 and 1800
  Marcel Guivarc’h Private ambulances during 1870-1871 war against Prussia
  Louis-Paul Fischer, Nicolas Méroc, Frédéric Chauvin and Chantal Rousset-Beaumesnil Soldiers wounded in the face or « gueules cassées » during WW1 as painted by great artists
  Alain Ségal and Jean-Jacques Ferrandis A private collection as a testimony of French national effort to fight tuberculosis in the trenches during WW1


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