Interlibrary loans - Photocopies (PEB / ILL)

Document supply department

Photocopies can be supplied to foreign institutions or persons.

If you have an e-mail address you can order duplicates : ask for an estimate

Invoices should be paid to the order of AGENT COMPTABLE D'UNIVERSITE DE PARIS (Eurochecks are not accepted). Checks must be in Euros and it must be drawn on a French bank.
Pay with you credit card .

With your estimate, you received by e-mail a login and a password

  • You receive an invoice. Click on the link proposed for on-line payment. Fill up the Pay-Box form.
  • As soon as the payment is processed, we’ll send you the documents

As soon as we receive the payment, your request will be satisfied through postal mail

Otherwise, with eBooks on Demand you can order a digital copy for documents published before 1900.



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Invoice department


Paper A4 regular 80g, BW

Journal article(Shipping fees included) 1 to 50 pages 12 €
Book or thesis (Add shipping fees) per page 0,30 €
Fax per page 3 €

 Shipping Fees (to be added when ordering : book or thesis photocopies or CD-Roms)

European Union, Switzerland 6,50 €
Other countries 15 €

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