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Cowper, William. Myotomia reformata : or an anatomical treatise on the muscles of the human body. Illustrated with figures after the life. By the late Mr. William Cowper, Surgeon, and Fellow of the Royal Society. To which is prefix'd an Introduction concerning muscular motion
London : printed for Robert Knaplock, and William and John Innys, in St. Paul's Church-Yard; and Jacob Tonson, in the Strand, 1724.

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[sans numérotation] Syllabus Musculorum eâ serie qua in ordinariis Corporis Humani [anatomais] dissecantur
LXXVI Introduction
I Introduction concerning the Muscles and their Action
V Part I
XXXV Proposition I
XXXVII Proposition II
XL Proposition III
XLIV Proposition IV
XLVI Proposition V
XLIX Corollary. Proposition VI
LIII Corollary I
LIV Corollary II / Corollary III
LV Corollary IV. Proposition VII
LVII Proposition VIII
LX Proposition IX
1 Myotomia reformata : or, a New Administration and Description of the Muscles of a Human Body. Chap. I. Of the Muscles of the Abdomen
2 I. Obliquus descendens
3 II. Obliquus ascendens
4 III. Pyramidalis vel succenturiatus. IV. Rectus
5 V. Transversalis
7 Chap. II. Of the Muscles of the Testes. VI. Cremaster, or Suspensor Testiculi
8 Chap. III. Of the Muscles of the Penis. VII. Accelerator urinae
9 VIII. Erector Penis. IX. Transversalis Penis
10 X. Erector Clitoridis. XI. Sphincter Vaginae
11 Chap. IV. Of the Muscles of the Bladder of urine. XII. Detrusor urinae. XIII. Sphincter vesicae
13 Chap. V. Of the Muscles of the Anus. XIV. Sphincter ani
14 XV. Levator ani
15 Chap. VI. Of the Muscles of the Hairy-Scalp and Forehead. XVI. Occipitalis
16 XVII. Frontalis
17 Chap. VII. Of the Muscles of the Cheeks and Lips. XVIII. Quadratus genae, or Quadratus colli, by some call'd Tetragonus, and by Galen, Platysma Myoides
18 XIX. Buccinator. XX. Zygomaticus. XXI. Elevator labiorum
19 XXII. Depressor labiorum. XXIII. Orbicularis labiorum. XXIV. Elevator labii superioris proprius. XXV. Depressor labii inferioris proprius
20 XXVI. Elevator labii inferioris proprius
21 Chap. VIII. Of the Muscles of the Eye-Lids. XXVII. Orbicularis palpebrarum
22 XXVIII. Aperiens palpebram rectus
23 Chap. IX. Of the Muscles of the Eye. XXIX. Obliquus superior or Trochlearis
24 XXX. Obliquus inferior
25 XXXI. Elevator oculi. XXXII. Depressor oculi. XXXIII. Adductor oculi. XXXIV. Abductor oculi
27 Chap. X. Of the Muscles of the Nose. XXXV. Elevator alae nasi
28 XXXVI. Dilatator alae nasi, & elevator labii superioris. XXXVII. Constrictor alae nasi
29 Chap. X. Of the Muscles of the Auricula or Outward Ear. XXXVIII. Attollens auriculam. XXXIX. Retrahens auriculam
31 Chap. XII. Of the Muscles of the Internal Ear
32 XL. Externus auris vel laxator externus. XLI. Obliquus auris
33 XLII. Internus auris. XLIII. Musculus Stapedis
35 Chap. XIII. Of the Muscles of the Os Hyoides, or Bone of the Tongue. XLIV. Sternohyoideus
36 XLV. Coracohyoideus. HLVI. Stylohyoideus. XLVII. Mylohyoideus
37 XLVIII. Geniohyoideus
38 Chap. XIV. Of the Muscles of the Tongue. XLIX. Genioglossus. L. Ceratoglossus
39 LI. Styloglossus. LII. Basioglossus
40 Chap. XV. Of the Muscles of the Uvula. LIII. Glossostaphylinus. LIV. Sphenostaphylinus
41 LV. Pterygostaphylinus
42 Chap. XVI. Of the Muscles of the Fauces. LVI. Stylopharynaeus. LVII. Oesophagaeus, seu sphincter gulae
43 LVIII. Vaginalis gulae
44 Chap. XVII. Of the Muscles of the Larynx. LIX. Sternothyroideus
45 LX. Hyothyroideus. LXI. Cricothyroideus. LXII. Cricoarytaenoideus posticus
46 LXIII. Cricoarytaenoideus lateralis. LXIV. Thyroarytaenoideus. LXV. Arytaenoideus
47 Chap. XVIII. Of the Muscles of the Lower Jaw. LXVI. Temporalis, seu Crotaphites
48 LXVII. Masseter. LXVIII. Digastricus, seu Biventer
49 LXIX. Pterygoideus internus. LXX. Pterygoideus externus
50 Chap. XIX. Of the Muscles of the Thorax
51 LXXI. Serratus minor anticus. LXXII. Serratus major anticus
52 LXXIII. Subclavius. LXXIV. Scalenus primus. LXXV. Scalenus secundus
53 LXXVI. Scalenus tertius. LXXVII. Triangularis. LXXVIII. Diaphragma
54 LXXIX. Intercostales interni
55 LXXX. Cor
56 Chap. XX. Of the Muscles of the Scapula, or Shoulder-Blade. LXXXI. Cucullaris, seu Trapezius. LXXXII. Rhomboides
57 LXXXIII. Levator Scapulae
58 Chap. XXI. Of the Muscles of the Thorax, which appear on the backside of the Body. LXXXIV. Serratus superior posticus. LXXXV. Serratus inferior posticus
59 LXXXVI. Sacrolumbalis. LXXXVII. Intercostales externi
60 Chap. XXII. Of the Muscles of the Head
61 LXXXVIII. Splenius. LXXXIX. Complexus
62 XC. Rectus major. XCI. Rectus minor. XCII. Obliquus superior. XCIII. Obliquus inferior
63 XCIV. Mastoideus. XCV. Rectus internus major
64 XCVI. Rectus internus minor. XCVII. Rectus lateralis
65 Chap. XXIII. Of the Muscles of the Neck. XCVIII. Longus colli. XCIX. Spinalis colli
66 C. Interspinales colli. CI. Transversalis colli
67 Chap. XXIV. Of the Muscles of the Back and Loins. CII. Longissimus dorsi
68 CIII. Quadratus lumborum. CIV. Semispinatus
69 CV. Sacer. CVI. Musculus coccygis
70 Chap. XXV. Of the Muscles of the Arm, or Os Humeri. CVII. Pectoralis
71 CVIII. Deltoides. CIX. Supraspinatus
72 CX. Infraspinatus. CXI. Teres minor. CXII. Teres major. CXIII. Latissimus dorsi, sive aniscalptor
73 CXIV. Coracobrachialis. CXV. Subscapularis
74 Chap. XXVI. Of the Muscles of the Cubit. CXVI. Biceps
75 CXVII. Brachiaeus internus
76 CXVIII. Gemellus. CXIX. Brachiaeus externus. CXX. Anconaeus
77 Chap. XXVII. Of the Muscles of the Palm of the Hand. CXXI. Palmaris longus. CXXII. Palmaris brevis
79 Chap. XXVIII. Of the Muscles of the four Fingers. CXXIII. Perforatus
80 CXXIV. Perforans
81 CXXV. Lumbricales. CXXVI. Extensor Digitorum communis, seu Digitorum tensor
82 CXXVII. Interossei manus. CXXVIII. Extensor indicis, seu indicator. CXXIX. Abductor indicis
83 CXXX. Extensor minimi digiti. CXXXI. Abductor minimi digiti
84 Chap. XXIX. Of the Muscles of the Thumb. CXXXII. Flexor tertii internodii, seu longissimus pollicis. CXXXIII. Abductor pollicis
85 CXXXIV. Flexor primi & secundi ossis pollicis. CXXXV. Abductor pollicis. CXXXVI. Extensor primi internodii pollicis
86 CXXXVII. Extensor secundi internodii pollicis. CXXXVIII. Extensor tertii internodii pollicis
87 Chap. XXX. Of the Muscles of the Wrist, or Carpus. CXXXIX. Flexor Carpi radialis. CXL. Flexor Carpi ulnaris. CXLI. Extensor Carpi radialis
88 CXLII. Extensor Carpi ulnaris
89 Chap. XXXI. Of the Muscles of the Radius. CXLIII. Pronator Radii teres. CXLIV. Pronator Radii quadratus, or inferior quadratus
90 CXLV. Supinator Radii longus. CXLVI. Supinator Radii brevis
91 Chap. XXXII. Of the Muscles of the Thigh
92 CXLVII. Psoas parvus. CXLVIII. Psoas magnus, seu Lumbalis. CXLIX. Iliacus internus
93 CL. Pectineus. CLI. Glutaeus major
94 CLII. Glutaeus medius. CLIII. Glutaeus minor
95 CLIV. Pyriformis, seu Iliacus externus. CLV. Marsupialis, seu Bursalis
96 CLVI. Quadratus Femoris. CLVII. Obsturator externus. CLVIII. Triceps
98 Chap. XXXIII. Of the Muscles of the Leg. CLIX. Membranosus
99 CLX. Sartorius. CLXI. Gracilis
100 CLXII. Biceps. CLXIII. Seminervosus, seu Semitendinosus. CLXIV. Semimembranosus
101 CLXV. Popliteus. CLXVI. Rectus Femoris. CLXVII. Vastus externus. CLXVIII. Vastus internus
102 CLXIX. Crureus, seu Femoreus
103 Chap. XXXIV. Of the Muscles of the Foot, or Tarsus
104 CLXX. Tibialis Anticus. CLXXI. Gasterocnemius externus, seu Gemellus
105 CLXXII. Plantaris. CLXXIII. Soleus, seu Gasterocnemius internus
106 CLXXIV. Peronaeus primus. CLXXV. Peronaeus secundus
107 CLXXVI. Tibialis posticus
108 Chap. XXXV. Of the Muscles of the Great Toe. CLXXVII. Extensor Pollicis longus
109 CLXXVIII. Extensor Pollicis brevis. CLXXIX. Flexor Pollicis longus. CLXXX. Flexor Pollicis brevis. CLXXXI. Adductor Pollicis
110 CLXXXII. Abductor Pollicis
111 Chap. XXXVI. Of the Muscles of the four Lesser Toes. CLXXXIII. Extensor Digitorum Pedis longus
112 CLXXXIV. Extensor Digitorum brevis. CLXXXV. Perforatus. CLXXXVI. Perforans
113 CLXXXVII. Lumbricales. CLXXXVIII. Abductor minimi Digiti. CLXXXIX. Transversalis Pedis. CXC. Flexor primi internodii minimi Digiti proprius
114 CXCI. Interossei Pedis
115 Explanation of the Tables
116 Tab. I. Represents the Muscles appearing on the fore Side of a human Body, after the external Teguments are removed / Tab. II. The same body, with some of the external Muscles raised, and others taken off / Tab. III. Shews the same Body farther denuded
117 Tab. IV. Shews the fore Part of the Skeleton of a Man
119 Tab. V. Represents the Body in a Side View. Fig. I. and Fig. II
121 Tab. VI. Represents the Side View of the Body partly denuded, and the Skeleton. Fig. I. and Fig. II
122 Fig. III and Fig. IV
123 Tab. VII. Shews the back View of the Body a Man / Tab. VIII. The same Body with some of the external Muscles taken off
124 Tab. IX. Represents the same Body, with more of the Muscles removed
125 Tab. X. The back View the Skeleton of a Man
126 Tab. XI. XII. XIII. These Figures are chiefly design'd for the Use of Painters and Statuaires. The Outlines are copied from some of the greatest Masters, and the Muscles are laid in from the Life
127 Tab. XIV. Shews the internal Surface of the Musculus Obliquus Descendens, when dissected and display'd
128 Tab. XV. The Musculus Obliquus Ascendens, with the Rectus and part of the Tendon of the Descendens, together with the Testis of the Left Side dissected and display'd...
130 Tab. XVI. 4. The internal Surface of the Rectus Abdominis of the Left Side. 5. The internal Surface of the Transversalis Abdominis of the Left Side
131 Tab. XVII
132 Tab. XVIII
133 Tab. XIX
134 Tab. XX
135 Tab. XXI
136 Tab. XXII
137 Tab. XXIII
138 Tab. XXIV
139 Tab. XXV. The Muscles of the Eye-lid and Eye, Ala Nasi & Auricula, as big as the Life. Fig. I. The Muscles of the Palpebra, and right Eye in self, dissected and display'd. Fig. II. The back part of the Muscles of the Left Eye dissected and display'd. Fig. III. IV. The Muscles of the Eye dissected, and so dispos'd, as to shew the natural Position ef each Muscle in the Left Eye
140 Fig. V. VI. Fig. VII. The Left Ear, with its Muscles, as I have most commody found them, they varying in their Figure in different Subjects
141 Tab. XXVI. Fig. I. Part of the Right Os Temporale, &c. containingh the Organs of Hearing of the Right Side as big as the Life. Fig. II. The internal Surface of the same Bones, with the Organs of Hearing, represented in the preceding Figure
142 Fig. III. Part of preceding Figure. Fig. IV. The four little Bones of the roght Ear taken out with their Muscles
143 Fig. V. VI. VII. The Malleus, Incus, and Stapes, as big as the Life, and magnisy'd. Fig. VIII. The same Organs of the Left Ear magnify'd in the same Position, as in Fig. III
144 Tab. XXVII. Fig. I. The upper Surface of the Os Hyoides, when freed from its Muscles. Fig. II. The internal Surface of the same Os Hyoides. Fig. III. IV. The internal and external Surface of the Os Hyoides from another Body. The two other Figures represent the Os Hyoides taken out with its Muscles
145 Tab. XXVIII. Fig. I. The Tongue, with its Muscles cut from their Originations, and left at their Insertions into the Body of the Tongue. Fig. II. The back part of the Muscles of the Uvula, with the upper part of those of the Fauces, when dissected
146 Fig. III. The back part of the Muscles of the Fauces, connected to the Os Hyoides and Larynx
147 Fig. IV. The Muscles of the Uvula, clear'd and left in their natural Situation
148 Tab. XXIX. Fig. I. II. The fore Parts of the Muscles of the Uvula and Fauces dissected and cleared of their Glandulous Membranes. Fig. III. The Gula distended with Wind, to shew. Fig. IV. The Musculus Vaginalis Gulae, ending on the Left Orifice of the Stomach
149 Tab. XXX. Fig. I. The fore part of the Larynx, with the Os Hyoides and part of the Wind pipe annex'd, together all the common Muscles of the Larynx. Fig. II. III. IV. V. Shew different Views of the Larynx, and its proper Muscles
151 Tab. XXXI. The Muscles of the lower Jaw, as they appear, when freed from the Cranium
152 Tab. XXXII
153 Tab. XXXIII. Fig. I. The Inside of the Sternum, with the Cartilaginous Endings of the Ribs, freed from their Bony Parts. Fig. II. A Sketch of the internal Surface of two or three of the lower Ribs, near their Articulations with the Vertebrae of the Back, as big as the Life; where a Disposition of the internal Intercostal Muscles, not commonly taken notice of, is represented
154 Tab. XXXIV. The upper Surface of the Diaphragm, next the Thorax
155 Tab. XXXV. The lower Surface of the Diaphragm, next the Abdomen
156 Tab. XXXVI. Divers Views of the external, middle, and internal Compages of the Fibres of the Heart. Fig. I. The fore part of the Heart, next the Sternum. Fig. II. The back part of the Heart, next the Vertebrae
157 Fig. III. The Series of Fibres, under those represented in Fig. I Fig. IV. The Fibres, as they appear, under those express'd in Fig. III. Fig. V. The Double Spiral Order of the Fibres, at the Cone of the Heart, which may partly be seen in Fig. III. Fig. VI. A View of the internal Surface of the Cone of the Heart, after a transverse Section
158 Tab. XXXVII. Fig. I. The right Auricle and Ventricle of the Heart, open'd from the Vena Cava Fig. II
159 Fig. III
160 Tab. XXXVIII. Fig. I. The same Heart, represented at Fig. I. in the preceding Table, with the right Ventricle open'd from the Arteria Pulmonalis, both being here pinn'd out and display'd, as big as the Life. Fig. II. The Mitral Valve of the left Ventricle, dissected and display'd
161 Fig. III. The internal Surface of the three Semilunar Valves of the Pulmonary Artery, next the Cavity of the right Ventricle of the Heart. Fig. IV. The external Surface of the same Valves, next the Trunk of the Pulmonick Artery
162 Tab. XXXIX. Fig. I. The Left Ventricle of the Heart open'd, with the Trunk of the Vena Pulmonalis, and the Left Auricle. Fig. II. The external Paries of the Left Ventricle, cut off from the Basis of the Heart, at the Root of the Arteria Magna, to the Cone, according to the length of the Heart
163 Fig. III. The Mitral Valve taken out entire, with the Columnae Carneae and their annex'd Tendons, &c.
164 Tab. XL. Fig. I. The Left Ventricle of the Heart opened, together with the Vena Pulmonalis and Trunk of the Aorta, to shew in one View the Position of the Valves, that hinder the Return of the Blood by the same way it came into the Ventricle, as well as those Valves, that prevent the return of the Blood, after it is expell'd from thence by the Systole of the Heart. Fig. II. Is drawn from the same Heart express'd Fig. I. in the preceding Table, after dividing the Vena Pulmonalis, through the middle, (as 'tis there represented) together with the Arteria Aorta
165 Fig. III. Part of the Aorta cut off next the Basis of the Heart, to shew its Valves, as they appear next the Ventricle, when the Heart is in Diastole, and the Blood hinder'd by them in its return from the Aorta to the Left Ventricle, after its Expulsion from thence
166 Fig. IV. A Portion of the Aorta, with the Parts annex'd, in the same Position, as was represented in the preceding Figure, taken from a morbid Body, in which the use of the Semilunar Valves was entirely defeated by a large Petrefaction, that grew upon them. Fig. V. VI. Shew the same Parts of the Aorta, with its Valves viewed from the great Artery towards the Heart
167 Tab. XLI
168 Tab. XLII
169 Tab. XLIII
170 Tab. XLIV. Fig. I. The back Parts of the Vertebrae of the Neck, as they appear'd in a late Subject, with the Muscles and Parts annex'd, as big as the Life
172 Tab. XLV. Fig. I. II. The exteriour and interiour Surfaces of the Longissimus Dorsi, Sacrolumbalis, Sacer, Semi-Spinatus, and Transversalis Colli, dissected from an emaciated Body
174 Tab. XLVI / Tab. XLVII
175 Tab. XLVIII
176 Tab. XLIX
177 Tab. L
178 Tab. LI
179 Tab. LII
180 Tab. LIII
182 Tab. LIV
183 Tab. LV. LVI.
184 Tab. LVII
185 Tab. LVIII
186 Tab. LIX
187 Tab. LX
188 Tab. LXI
189 Tab. LXII
190 Tab. LXIII. The Muscles of the Toes
191 Tab. LXIV. The Muscles of the Toes, as big as the Life
192 Tab. LXV
194 Tab. LXVI
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