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Boyle, James. A treatise on moxa, as applicable more particularly to stiff joints ; illustrated by cases and plates, with some general observations on spinal diseases.
London : Callow and Wilson, 1825.

Nombre de pages : 194            1-194
I [Page de titre]
III To William Burnett, M. D., one of the commissioners for the medical department of his majesty's navy
V Contents
sp Works published by the author
VII Introduction
1 A treatise on moxa. On the derivation of the word Moxa
9 History of moxa
22 Cases treated with moxa. Case I
31 Case II
34 Case III
40 Case IV
46 Case V
48 Case VI
52 Case VII
56 Case VIII
62 Case IX
74 Case X
75 Case XI
80 Case XII
81 Case XIII
85 Action of moxa
98 Observations on remedies usually employed in the treatment of diseased joints, considering them in the order in which they are most used. Cupping and leeching
101 Blistering
106 Setons and issues
110 Friction
112 Shampooing
113 Manipulation
115 Electricity and galvanism
119 Observations on affections of the spine ; and the muscles which are more particularly concerned in its motions
143 On the nature of contracted or chicken chest
146 On the more common causes of spinal and joint diseases in infants
151 Exercise and diet, as regards children
156 General observations on the prevention and treatment of spinal disorders
Nombre de pages : 194            1-194