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Montgomery, William F.. An exposition of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, the period of human gestation, and the signs of delivery
London : Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, 1837.

Nombre de pages : 404            1-404
[sans numérotation] [Page de titre]
[sans numérotation] [Dédicace]
[sans numérotation] Citation
[sans numérotation] [Préface]
[sans numérotation] [Table des matières] Contents
[sans numérotation] References to the plates. Account of the series of drawings of the areola shewing the progress of the changes which it undergoes during pregnancy
[sans numérotation] An exposition. Chapter I. General observations on the state of the female system during pregnancy
29 Chapter II. Investigation of the signs of pregnancy. Legal and social relations. Different sources of evidences or proofs of that state. Classification of signs
41 Chapter III. Individual signs. Suppression of the menses. Nausea and vomiting. Salivation
56 Chapter IV. Mammary sympathies. Enlargement. Sensibility. The areola. Secretion of milk
75 Chapter V. Quickening and motions of the foetus
91 Chapter VI. Enlargement of the abdomen and state of the umbilicus
99 Chapter VII. Changes in the uterus. State of the os and cervix uteri. Size of the uterus. Its contents, situation, and consistence
112 Chapter VIII. On the different modes of examination, and the method of conducting them. Summary
131 Chapter IX. Examination of substances expelled from the uterus. An early ovum. Moles. Hydatids. The membrane formed in dysmenorrhoea and in other conditions of uterine derangement
149 Chapter X. Accidental circumstances. Idiosyncrasies. Beccaria's test. State of the blood, urine, and pulse
160 Chapter XI. Pregnancy under unusual circumstances, of age, disease. Spurious or simulated pregnancy. Without consciousness, imperfect intercourse. Secondary ovum
213 Chapter XII. Investigation after death. Examination of the uterus, and its appendages. The ovaries, corpora lutea, fallopian tubes
[sans numérotation] On the period of human gestation
[sans numérotation] On the signs of delivery
[sans numérotation] On the spontaneous amputation of the foetal limbs in utero
[sans numérotation] Index
Nombre de pages : 404            1-404