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Liveing, Edward. On megrim, sick-headhache, and some allied disorders : a contribution to the pathology of nerve-storms
London : Churchill, 1873.

Nombre de pages : 558            1-558
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vii [Préface]
ix Table des matières
1 Chapter I. Megrim ; Identification of a Natural Group of Disorders under this Name ; Illustrative Cases
21 Chapter II. General Features of Megrim ; Influence of Sex and Age ; Lmitation to a certain period of Life ; Hereditary Characters ; Paroxysmal Form and Periodicity. Exciting Causes ; Gastric and Intestinal ; Catamenial ; Emotional ; Exertion and fatigue ; Fasting ; Sleeping and Waking ; Sensorial Stimuli ; Meteorological influences. Accessory Causes. / General Features of the Disease
23 Period of First Commencement
25 Duration and Natural Termination
27 Hereditary character
30 Hereditary Transformations
32 Paroxysmal, and Intermittent Characters of Megrim
40 Exciting and Accessory Causes
44 Gastric and Intestinal Disorder
48 Mental Emotion
49 Exertion and fatigue
50 Fasting
51 Sleeping and Waking
52 Sensory Impressions
55 Meteorological influences
57 Accessory Causes
63 Chapter III. Phenomena of the Paroxysm ; Natural Succession ; Unilateral and Bilateral Characters ; the Disorder of Sight ; of tactile Sensibility and Taste ; of the Faculty of Speech ; Psychical Phenomena ; Giddiness and Disorder of the Muscular Sense ; Headache ; Nausea and vomiting ; Drowsiness ; Termination
64 Natural Succession
65 Unilateral and Bilateral Characters
70 The Disorder of Sight
84 Disorder of Common Sensation or Touch
107 Psychical Phenomena
120 Giddiness or Vertigo
130 The Headache
136 Nausea and Vomiting
142 Drowsiness
146 Termination
151 Chapter IV. Affinities of megrim with other Neuroses. Common Characters of the Group ; illustrated in Epilepsy, Asthma, Laryngismus, Pertussis, Chorea, Tic douloureux, Angina Pectoris, Gastralgia, Paroxysmal Insanity, and the like. Exciting Causes of the Seizures ; their similarity in various Neuroses. Neurosal Equivalency and Transformatioins. Metamorphic and Vicarious Relations of Megrim
152 Common Characters of the Neurosal affections
171 Exciting Causes of Neurosal Seizures
204 Metamorphic and Vicarious Relations of Megrim
224 Chapter V. Pathology of Megrim and Allied Disorders. Doctrine of Bilious Headache. Doctrine of Sympathy and of the Eccentric Origin of neuroses ; Gastric Megrim ; Uterine Megrim ; Ophthalmic Megrim ; Modern Reflex and Inhibitory Theories. Vascular Theories ; Determinations of Blood to the Head ; Congestion of the Brain ; Recent Vaso-motor Hypothèses. Theory of Nerve-Storms. / Doctrine of Biliousness. - Bilious Headache
233 Doctrine of Sympathy and of the Eccentric Origin of neuroses. Gastric Megrim
248 Uterine Megrim
267 Modern Reflex and Inhibitory Doctrines
273 Vascular Theories of Nervous Disorders
275 Arterial Hyperoemia or "Determination of Blood to the Head"
292 Recent Vaso-motor Hypotheses
335 Theory of Nerve-Storms
348 Analogy of Healthy Nervous Actions
395 Anatomical Seat of Megrim
399 Chapter VI. Symptomatic Megrim ; Arthritic or Gouty ; Malarial or Brow Ague ; Megrim Symptomatic of organic disease of the Brain. 1- Gouty or Arthritic Megrim
405 2- Malarial Megrim
415 3- Megrim associated with Organic Disease of the Brain
427 Chapter VII. Treatment of megrim. Reputed incurability, how far real. Treatment of the General Malady ; Hygienic Measures ; Correction of Faulty hanits of life, and Sources of Nervous Exhaustion ; Pharmaceutical remedies - Sedatives, Tonics, Specifics. To Prevent or Remedy the Exciting Causes of the Seizures. Treatment of the Paroxysms
429 A. Treatment of the general Malady. 1- Hygienic Measures
436 2- Pharmaceutical Remedies
451 3- Diversion of Nervous Energy
463 B- Treatment of the Paroxysms
473 Appendix
483 Addition to p129
484 Addition to p201
487 Index
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[sans numérotation] Tableau : Analytical table of cases
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[sans numérotation] Tableau : Analytical table of cases
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2 Index
Nombre de pages : 558            1-558