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Campbell, Harry. Headache and other morbid cephalic sensations
London : H. K. Lewis, 1894.

Nombre de pages : 422            1-422
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v [Préface]
ix Contents
[sans numérotation] Page de titre. Part I. Preliminary
3 Chapter I. Anatomical
10 Chapter II. The seat of the pain in headache
[sans numérotation] Page de titre. Part II. Causation
23 Chapter I. Causation in headache. General remarks
29 Chapter II. Hereditu. Age. Sex. Time of day
36 Chapter III. Exercice
40 Chapter IV. Atmospheric conditions
45 Chapter V. Mental states
52 Chapter VI. Disorders of the scalp, pericranium and cranium
56 Chapter VII. Intra-cranial disease
61 Chapter VIII. Injuries to the head
64 Chapter IX. Disorders of the eyes
86 Chapter X. Disorders of the nose and its accessory chambers, retro-nasal spaces, and pharynx
104 Chapter XI. Disorders of the ear
111 Chapter XII. Disorders of the teeth
118 Chapter XIII. The blood and headache : plethora, general anaemia
126 Chapter XIV. Blood and headache (continued). Toxaemia (heterogenetic)
131 Chapter XV. Blood and headache (continued). Autogenetic toxaemia (renal disease)
138 Chapter XVI. Blood and headache (continued). Autogenetic toxaemia (renal disease)
141 Chapter XVII. Blood and headache (continued). Toxaemia (uric-acidaemia, oxaluria, etc)
151 Chapter XVIII. Blood and headache (continued). Local modifications in the cephalic blood-supply
158 Chapter XIX. Blood and headache (continued). The effects of posture
166 Chapter XX. Blood and headache (continued). Increased arterial tension
172 Chapter XXI. Disorders of the digestive organs
185 Chapter XXII. Disorders of the reproductive system
191 Chapter XXIII. Disorders of the reproductive system (continued). The influence of the normal menstrual rythm, puberty, the climacteric, abnormal menstruation, pregnancy and lactation on headache
198 Chapter XXIV. Syphilis
204 Chapter XXV. Gout
208 Chapter XXVI. Rheumatism
216 Chapter XXVII. Sleep
222 Chapter XXVIII. Insanity, epilepsy, hypochondriasis, hysteria
226 Chapter XXIX. Fever. Malaria
229 Page de titre. Part III. Symptomatology
231 Chapter I. Influence of headache upon the special senses, the emotions, and the intellect
240 Chapter II. Inlfuence upon the peripheral organs of sight
245 Chapter III. Influence of headache upon the peripheral organs of hearing, smell, and taste
248 Chapter IV. Nature of the pain in headache
251 Chapter V. Clavus. Clavus hystericus. Galea. Monopagia
256 Chapter VI. The superficial areas in which the pain is felt
266 Chapter VII. Visible signs of headache
268 Chapter VIII. Structural changes in extra-cranial tissues consequent on headache
270 Chapter IX. Tenderness of the scalp and adjacent regions
281 Chapter X. Sensations of cephalic pressure and heaviness
285 Chapter XI. The sensations of heat and cold
288 Chapter XII. Irritation, sensation of bursting, numbness
293 Chapter XIII. Giddiness, tinnitus aurium and other sensations
298 Chapter XIV. Cervico-occipital and occipital headache
309 Chapter XV. Periodical sick headache. Megrim
317 Page de titre. Part IV. Treatment of headache
319 Chapter I. General remarks
323 Chapter II. Exercise
326 Chapter III. Treatment directed to the removal of causes operating through the mind
331 Chapter IV. Treatment of extra-cranial causes
333 Chapter V. Treatment of ophthalmic headache
338 Chapter VI. Treatment of headache due to nasal, post-nasal, and pharyngeal disease
341 Chapter VII. Treatment directed to the ears : tinnitus
344 Chapter VIII. Treament of odontalgia and dental headache
347 Chapter IX. Treatment of headache associated with high arterial tension
351 Chapter X. Treatment directed to the organs of digestion
353 Chapter XI. Treament directed to the reproductive system
355 Chapter XII. Treatment of syphilitic and gouty headache
360 Chapter XIII. Sleep in its relation to the treatment of headache
362 Chapter XIV. Hot and cold applications. Counter irritation. Dry cupping. Local anodynes. Electricity. Bleeding. Pressure applied to the head. Compression of cephalic vessels. Strephining
375 Chapter XV. Drugs employed in the treatment of headache
397 Index to authors
403 Index
Nombre de pages : 422            1-422