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Digby, Kenelm. Choice and experimented receipts in physick and chirurgery as also cordial and distilled waters and spirits, perfumes, and other curiosities
London [Londres] : printed for the author, and are to be fold by H. Brom, 1668.

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Nombre de pages : 336            1-100 page précédente
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     Image : Kenelme Digby Kt Chancellor to the Queen Mother
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sn To the right honourable George Duke of Buckingham, knight of the most noble order of the garter, and one of his majesties most honourable privy council
1 An approved remedy for all sorts of intermittend agues
2 Another for the same
3 A certain and approved cure of Tertian agues
4 For the Tedious agues
5 A most excellent sudorifick cordial, […] it is also excellent for the hot gout
9 A diaphoretick of antimony to be used with this medicine
10 A fulep to cool in fevers
11 Cochinile for a purple fever / A certain and approved remedy for a burning fever
12 A cooling drink in a fever / A certain and often approved remedy for an ague
13 A certain and present remedy for all kind of collicks what so ever
14 For violent coughing by a sharpe thin tickling rheume / For a cold in the head, to draw rheume from the head
15 For all sorts of fluxes
16 For a bloody flux often approved
18 For any loofnefs / For Fluxes
20 For a Loofnefs
21 An anodyne clyster
22 An excellent clyster to cure presently any painful flux or scowring
23 For the greatest flux or loofnefs
24 An approved remedy for the obstructions of the spleen or liver / An excellent Lyme-water for obstructions and ulcers, &
25 An excellent remedy for the dropsie
27 Another remedy for the dropsie
28 Another
29 Another
30 A great and approved cure of the dropsie
32 Another drink
34 For legs or other parts of the body swelled, comming by abounding of bad tumors, or by the dropsie
35 Another for the dropsie
36 For the hemorrhoides. For aches. Probat
39 Another for the piles / For the tooth-ach
40 Water for the teeth
41 For the teeth and gums
42 For familiar wasbing the mouth, which confirmeth and faftneth the teeth much, and preserveth the gums found, is thus
43 For the tooth-ach / Vinegar of squils or the teeth and gums
44 To the fasten loof teeth. Probat
45 A sympathetick cure of the tooth-ach / An excellent powder for the eyes
46 An excellent eye-water
47 A certain remedy for defluxions and all diseases of the eyes / To take away the rednefs of bloudsbot-eyes
48 To stanch bleeding / another for the same
49 A sudden and infallible cure of bleeding, either at the nose, or by a bloody-flux
50 A present certain cure of any pyson inward or outward, or for the stinging of venemous beasts in men or beasts / An approved remedy for spitting of blood
51 Remedium ad fluxum immoderatum sanguinis menstrualis
52 Contra fluorem album. Probat / An infallible remedy for the Jaundise of any kind, black or yellow
53 For the mother / For the sinews and the head
54 For deafnefs /Another for the same
55 For the small-pox
56 To drive the venemous vapours […] with a familiar julep or emulsion, take the following
57 To prevent marking in the small-pox
59 An infallible remedy for the same
60 To prevent marks of the small-pox / An experimented remedy for the falling-sicknefs
61 Another for the same
62 For the falling-sicknefs and convulsions-sits of children / To cause a good delivery in a woman with child
63 A receipt of the labour-powder
64 To bring away the after-burthen […] after woman is delivered / For torn bladders
65 To prevent at the birth of a child, diseases of putrefaction ever after
67 To bring down a womans courses in an instant
68 For the brest and belly of women lying in
69 An admirable seer-cloth for a sore brest, imposthumes, fellons, green and old cuts
70 An anodyne cataplasm for cancered brests
72 For hardnefs in womens brests
73 For hard brests in women / Another medicine for the same is thus
74 To cure the tetters / Another for the quick tetters
75 For aches in any part of the body, even womens brests
76 A certain remedy for the piles or hemorrhoydes
77 Another for the same
78 For the outward hemorrhoydes / A plague cordial
79 For the same. Prob.
81 Another excellent remedy for the plague / Another infallible antidote
82 An excellent plague water
83 For worms in children
84 For wormes in the belly or stomack
85 An excellent plaister for the stomack, that hath done such notable cures, is thus
86 For warts to take them away / Another for the same
87 For phrensie / For haed-achs, sore-eyes, fellons…
88 For leprosie and squinancy
Nombre de pages : 336            1-100 page précédente