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Nombre de réponses : 29 page précédente 26-29
Cote : 71827.
Exemplaire numérisé : BIU Santé (Paris)
Cote : 33336.
Cet exemplaire comporte, à la place de la lettre au "Candido lectori", une lettre à Rutgerus Giffeus Buscoducensis
Exemplaire numérisé : BIU Santé (Paris)
Vesalius, Andreas, 1514-1564. Razi, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya, 865?-925? Tractatus nonus regem Almansorem..
Louanii : Ex officina Rutgeri Rescii,, 1537.
Xerox facsimile of copy belonging to the Medical Society of London (now deposited at the Wellcome Library). Mode of access: Internet. Gift from the library of Charles Donald O'Malley 1907-1970.
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Yale Medical Library.Historical Library Vesalius, Andreas,1514-1564.De humani corporis fabrica.
New Haven, Conn. : Printed by the Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Company, 1943.
Cote : Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library.
"Reprinted from the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, December 1943. vol. 16, pp. 105-150. A description of the Vesalius exhibit has been added in this reprint." Includes bibliographical references Place of Vesalius in the culture of the Renaissance / Ernst Cassirer. --Vesalius at Paris / Edward Streeter. --Oporinus and the publication of the Fabrica / Carl Rollins. --Attack of Franciscus Puteus on Andreas Vesalius and the defence by Gabriel Cuneus / Arturo Castiglioni. --Benediction / George Stewart. --Vesalius exhibit Cushing, H. Bio-bibliography of Andreas Vesalius, 2nd ed., 1962 AOB copy has a typed signed letter from J.F. Fulton to Carl P. Rollins tipped in
Provenance : Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Nombre de réponses : 29 page précédente 26-29