Dépouillement de Psyche and Soma : Physicians and metaphysicians on the mind-body problem from Antiquity to Enlightenment

John P. Wright and Paul Potter (Ed.), Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2000. 376 p. (Oxford Classical Monographs)

GUNDERT, Beate. Soma and Psyche in Hippocratic Medicine

An account of the concepts of body and mind as complementary facets of the patient based on a broad reading of the writings of the Hippocratic collection. Correlations between mental and nervous function on the one hand and particular components or foci of the body on the other are explored and interpreted.

VAN DER EIJK, Philip J. Aristotle's Psycho-physiological Account of the Soul-Body Relationship

Aristotle's fundamental hylo-morphic dualism of reality, including the human body, in which the material is associated with the body and the formal with the soul, is contrasted with other passages in his writings in which the soul itself seems to possess an independent substantial nature allowing its existence independent of the body

VON STADEN, Heinrich . Body, Soul, and Nerves: Epicurus, Herophilus, Erasistratus, the Stoics, and Galen

A major study exploring the common materialistic assumptions of Hellenistic philosophers and physicians regarding the nature of the soul, and emphasizing the interaction between physiological experimentation of the nervous system and philosophical theory-building. Galen's role as synthesizer rather than originator of the definitive ancient view on thesubject is highlighted.