ISHM Revue Vesalius


The list is a forum for the free exchange of information and ideas among people of all countries who are interested in history of medicine. Started about five years ago, it has approximately 120 members from all parts of the world. Membership in the list is open both to members of the International Society for he History of Medicine and to non-members.

As the list is non-moderated, any message sent by a member will be automatically posted without need for approval from a "gatekeeper," or moderator. Emphasis is on freedom of expression (limited only by respect and common courtesy) on all subjects concerning history of medicine. As this is meant to be a forum for medical historians and for anybody interested in the history of the healing arts, any reference to contemporary politics (international or otherwise) or to any subject outside the field of medical history should be avoided. In the past, members of the list have asked questions and given opinions on all kinds of medical subjects; often a specialist in a particular field has been able to give the appropriate answer.

Subscription is free. To join the list, send the following message : subscribe ishm to the following address: Notification of membership and other information will follow. For further information, contact Dr. Plinio Prioreschi at the following address :