Louis Brocq (1856-1928)

Born in Laroque-Thimbault, (small town in south-west France), Brocq was graduated in 1878 as Interne des Hôpitaux de Paris (1st in his promotion). From 1906 untill 1921, Brocq was head of a medical department in Saint-Louis hospital.

He brought definite contributions to dermatology, describing the pseudo-pelade, the keratosis pilaris, the parapsoriasis and the bullous dermatitis he described in 1888 (Duhring-Brocq's disease, now called pemphigoid).

His career in the hospital was commemorated by the creation of a ward named after him in Saint-Louis 1933. He invented a tar oinment widely used for the treatment of psoriasis. In 1900, Brocq brought a very important contribution to the "Pratique Dermatologique", treatise in 4 volumes published by the French school of dermatology.