The French Society for the History of Dermatology

The French Society for the History of Dermatology (in french, SFHD) is a non-profit organization subsidized by the City of Paris, the Department of Culture, the French Society of Dermatology and Pierre Fabre Laboratories.

The goal of SFHD is to stimulate studies on the history of dermatology. Although international by vocation, SFHD is located in the dermatological museum of Hopital Saint-Louis in Paris and is mainly french-speaking. This is the reason why most of this site, at the present time, is written in French.

The SFHD is tightly and friendly linked with the European (ESHDV) and American (HDS) History of Dermatology Societies. All their members are welcome to visit the site, to comment, and to contribute to its enrichment.

More specifically, many parts of this site are written in English :

Please do not hesitate to mail to us and to give your impressions. If you are interested in the history of dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases, please contact us.

Texts on this site written by SFHD members in English (complete multilingual list here)

The Chicago Dermatological Society : 100 years of excellence Marshall L. Blankenship, MD
Chicago Medicine, Vol. 104, né 12, December 2001
The Archives of the Canadian Dermatology Association Robert JACKSON
Archivist, Canadian Dermatology Association Emeritus Professor of Medicine (Dermatology), University of Ottawa
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Physical Methods of Dermatological Treatment à 1921 According to Dr. Jay Frank Schamberg THOMSEN R.J. 
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The History of Uritcaria and Angioedema JUHLIN L. 
First ESHDV Special Annual Lecture, October 2000
The case of Alibert's two trees JACKSON R. 
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The birth of Irish dermatology POWELL F. 
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The dermatological heritage in danger in Madrid: Rescue Olivade�s moulages CALAP CALATAYUD J. 
Olavide and the roots of Spanish dermatology SIERRA X. 
The Myth of Philippe Ricord's Son-in-Law DRACOBLY A. 
The History of European Dermatopathology HOLUBAR K. 
unpublished lecture given at the International Society of Dermatopathology Annual Meeting, , Orlando, FL, USA, 26 February 1998.
Baron Jean-Louis Alibert, the founder of french dermatology WALLACH D. 
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Ferdinando Giannotti CAPUTO R. 
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Henri Feulard TILLES G., WALLACH D. 
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History of Lupus Erythematosus SIERRA X.
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Skin diseases in Shakespeare's works GOENS J. et GHEERAERT P.
Ian Sneddon, 1915-1987 GRIFFITHS A. 
Unpublished lecture (December the 6th 97 in Paris)
Read also Ian Sneddon biography (in french)
Sociology of syphilis in the 19th Century TILLES G. and WALLACH D. 
Unpublished lecture (December the 6th 97 in Paris)
Stigma of syphilis in the 19th Century France TILLES G. 
Contribution tu the History Symposium of the World Congress of Dermatology, Sydney, June 1997
The foundation of the Medical Library of Saint-Louis Hospital (Paris) TILLES G., WALLACH D.
A short introduction to the history of the French Society of Dermatology TILLES G.